Beijing time late on September 27, in just NFL jerseys China a Chinese super round 26 after the end of the port of Shanghai on [microblogging] home 6-1 victory over Qingdao intermediate (microblogging). Zhu Zhengrong [microblogging] the opening 16 seconds of scoring record in the Chinese super league this season, then Wu Lei weibo scored a hat-trick, foreign aid card, and zheng darren's goal will lock the score at 6-1, Qingdao can encounter season, their longest losing streak 7, this round of both hand 1 point lead for the third from bottom of the premier league.

Fastest video highlights - season scoring Wu Lei hooded 6-1 Qingdao east Asia media NFL jerseys paypal sources: sina sports

Can coach for the game, goran tikvah golan) (hereinafter referred to as Norwich said after the game: "play games like this, I don't need to say anything, NFL jerseys free shippingthe result explains everything, the home is very good today, after 20 seconds to throw the ball is football in very difficult situation, we are your opponent's opening goal shock for a moment, let us to sum up, why the opening of our state is always not to mention, the second half we tried to change, but there is no effect, the home team is playing so well today, we don't have to win the team over the past few months, now our psychological very fragile, I come here for a few weeks NFL jerseys from China time, I feel, want you to cheer up from the psychological is very difficult, for the next two games, we hope that we can win."